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The Upsides and Dark Sides of Rivalry: A Q&A with Gavin Kilduff Left unchecked, competitive situations may be as likely to bring out our worst as our best. FRIEDA KLOTZ Why I Get My Best Ideas in the Shower Ori Brafman and Judah Pollack explain why a little distraction can lead to business innovation. THEODORE KINNI KEEPING THE STUPID OUT OF YOUR LIFE The trick is to remain focused on your purpose and surround yourself with good people. SUSAN CRAMM New posts daily on s+b Blogs Visit for your index to the best thinking in business HOW MICROSOFT CAN ONCE AGAIN PUNCH ABOVE ITS WEIGHT A respected head office and strong corporate affinity will drive the company’s fortunes. KEN FAVARO Laura Rittenhouse’s Candor Analytics Inspired by Warren Buffett, a former Lehman analyst figures out that plain-speaking companies have higher performance. SALLY HELGESEN SIEMENS GETS SMART BY FOCUSING ON SIMPLICITY IN ORDER TO COMPETE IN EMERGING MARKETS, SIEMENS HAD TO LEARN WHAT THE LOCALS WANTED. NAVI RADJOU JAIDEEP PRABHU Why Haier and Lenovo May Soon Be Household Names Chinese brands don’t need David Brooks’s “romantic advantage,” just the right capabilities. JOHN JULLENS

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