strategy+business Winter 2013 : Page 31

innovation @ work TM 31 Sunday 7 April 8– Monday Drop off 9, 2014 8 9 am Review Kids Tuesday 9 Wednesda y Q1 Repo rts 10 00 11 12 00 Transforming Your Leadership Strategy @MIT Ex ec Ed 10 Thursda y Drop off Kids Transforming Your Leadership Strategy @MIT Ex ec Ed Weekly Staffing Meeting Doctor Appointmen t pm Discuss Q2 Financials 1 00 2 00 Conferenc Call with e Web Developer Move your organization forward without setting your schedule back 3 0 Meeting with Boss Gain cutting-edge business insights in over 30 two-day and week-long programs designed with your busy schedule in mind. The MIT Sloan Executive Education portfolio of short courses, led by senior MIT Sloan faculty, provides the latest insights, strategies, and tools to launch disruptive ideas, reach emerging markets, and develop new sources of revenue. Upcoming programs include: Jan 26–31 Mar 11–12 Entrepreneurship Development Program Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems Creating High Velocity Organizations Essential Law for Executives Mar 23–28 Driving Strategic Innovation: Achieving High Performance Throughout the Value Chain Big Data: Making Complex Things Simpler Transforming Your Leadership Strategy Negotiation for Executives Apr 1–2 Apr 8–9 Apr 10–11 Mar 13–14 Mar 18–19 Join the My 4MPBO&YFD&E$PNNVOJUZt5BLFB$PVSTFt&BSOBO&YFDVUJWF$FSUJGJDBUF FYFDVUJWF&#0f;NJU&#0f;FEV

MIT Management Executive Education

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