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essay strategy & leadership undercurrent of skepticism among a number of insurers, who believe that bundles may not be part of a long-term solution for the country, and that another “big idea” will some-how emerge to win the day. This seems unlikely. By improving out-comes and reducing costs, bundled care represents a rare win-win for the demand side (patients and em-ployers) and the supply side (payors and providers) almost regardless of how the ACA plays out. In fact, the underlying philosophy of bundled care—better ways to treat patients, new partnerships, and new ap-proaches to pricing—can function as part of many solutions. Challenges for the Industry EXECUTIVE EDUCATION Despite the promise of bundles, ef-forts to capitalize on these ideas so far have been limited to a few large employers and a handful of national name-brand hospitals—far short of what is required to truly transform healthcare. Over the next few years, the major challenge will be expand-ing the concept so that it covers a wider range of conditions and a broader demographic base: the “big middle” of patients and employers. Until most patients in most markets can receive bundled care for most of their needs, the strategy’s potential will remain untapped. This task falls primarily on payors and providers, who will have their hands full with the challenges of expanding and scaling up bun-dled care. The devil will be in the details—and there are lots of details. Providers must redesign care, devel-op standards and protocols, and put the right IT resources in the right hands, while also struggling with new risk management models and pricing mechanisms. For payors, the big hurdle will be coordination, be-EDUCATIONAL PUSH Wharton Executive Education programs change the trajectory of business worldwide. Executives from 88 diff erent countries spread Wharton knowledge 3.8 million miles annually, making immediate impact on their own businesses and expanding Wharton’s global impact year after year. 2014 Open-Enrollment Off erings NEW! Environmental Sustainability Leadership  Feb. 5–6 ONLINE Strategic Value of Customer Relationships Executive Development Program  Mar. 16–28 Global Strategic Leadership  Apr. 1–3  Mar. 3–Apr. 27 Make an impact at

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